Sunday, September 9, 2012

10 on 10 September

September 10 on 10 here we are. An assortment of our past month for y'all:

She embodies the word "kid." I'm so glad she's mine.
Great Grandmother came to visit. I will treasure this image always.

So I had a weak moment at a consignment sale. As if she needed another princess dress. But we didn't have Belle and Belle, she says, is her favorite. Happy 3rd Birthday to my princess lovin' punkin.

3 months old and chattin' up a storm.

We just moved so we don't have many friends so we threw a family party this year. I made her wait to open gifts sent from relatives and while she napped I set up the playroom for a Sunday afternoon family affair. She loved it.

Three years old. How can it be?!

I'm a sucker for a homemade cake. From a box, but still homemade :)

Holding great grandpa's hand.

Pandora's Disney station is her latest obsession. When she's not twirling, she's trying to "see da picture" so she knows exactly what movie the song is from.

She's a twirler for sure :)

My sweet friend Ginger is next on the link list from here. Her pictures are always, always stunning. Take a peak:


amygrace said...

i so love the way you capture the joy, the milestones, and most strikingly, the generations. so heartwarming amy.

Sabrina said...

Love the pink homemade cake and all the colours in your photos! Your photos are so full of fun :) Love the princess dress!


amy, i just get sad as i look at these..knowing our girls would have become the best of buddies if only time would have been there:) but so happy too because your girls are just growing and amazingly beautiful and your love and talent pours out through them. miss you and love you lots!

Annie Gruetzmacher said...

HI! Me again! :)
I want to see photos of your new place! Plus, where did you guys move to?!?! As usual, great photos capturing great memories to last a lifetime!